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welcome to the world of downloading music and rhythm tracks called Beats. download any kind of musical instrument, mp3, wave. 

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many type of instrumental beat for Artists and Producers. many type background music sound for Tv Channels and Radios Station, mpawa beat is one of the best beatmaker in the world.


Any person or company that needs an instrumental beat to complete a single song project, Audio album, commercial, intro music and many others

Would you like to Get a custom instrumental beat ?

make custom beat instrumental based on what you want. You have a great idea for a song, and none of the beats available on my instrumental beat store, Let us produce your bespoke beat and make your song the one that everyone can’t stop singing!

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We have different pricing options to suit the stage you’re at in your music career.

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Monetization Perfect for Artists who wants to release on streaming platforms
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Price starts from $2,000
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I’m in my production studio, immortalize Studio

mpawa beat
Afro Congo beat

live beatmaking

mpawa beat
Amapiano beat

live Beatmaking

mpawa beat
Afro Mbokalisation

Live Beatmaking

mpawa beat
Afrobeat coupe-decale

Live Beatmaking

free afrobeat instrumental gratuit

become a beatmaker

do as I do. here are the elements that allow me to compose the beat. if you want to become a professional beatmaker, visit this website:  if you are beginner in beatmaking, buy training and everything you need in this site.

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A word about us

Creativity resides in the mind of one who is willing to solve problems with different strategies. immortalize Studio, an amazing brand in the musical industry, has helped people especially artists to achieve their goals. In short, our impact has and continues to transform lives for good. and your surjections help us to improve on a daily basis.
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Premium LeaseMonetization Perfect for Artists who wants to release on streaming platforms

Untagged MP3 (320kbps) + WAV
100,000 Units In Distributions
Up to 1,000,000 monetized Audio & Video streams
Music Video & Paid Performances
iMMORTALIZE Studio  still maintains beat ownership
Audiomack Upload (Yes)
Good For Mixing/Mastering
Upload (Spotify, Itunes etc) (YES)
Youtube Content ID (NO)
YouTube Monetization (Yes)

Basic LeaseNon-Profit Beginner Use

Untagged High Quality MP3 (320kbps)
Soundcloud Upload (Yes)
Non Commercial Use
Sell up to 3,000 Copies
Limit 30,000 (Streams)
Music Video (No)
Monitization Platforms (Spotify, Apple Music) (NO) • Youtube Content ID (NO)
Youtube Upload (Yes)
iMMORTALIZE Studio maintains Beat Ownership

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